It has been continuously proven in modern society that children/teens exposed to negative surroundings are far more likely to regress into similar activities/circumstances themselves, whereas children focussed more on positive activities (*like exercise in a safe environment), are far more likely to ‘lift’ themselves out of these environments and change their circumstances for the better.  

Fight With Insight is a boxing project for young offenders who have been referred by the courts for a Diversion Program (a part of the South African youth justice system) after committing an offence. The Diversion Programme consists of two components which run consecutive to each other. One component sees the child attend the boxing session, and on the same day, move on to the Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy Component. This runs for twelve sessions, after which some who have completed the program are selected to enter the Box Office Boxing program, deepening their involvement.

By offering boxing as an alternative therapy, Fight With Insight aims to use emotions that may have been responsible for getting them into trouble in the first place – violence and aggression – as the tool to help make alternative, positive decisions about their future and relationships with others. They have also done work with young sex offenders to reduce recidivism rates and reintegrate them into society.

This model is clearly a benchmark which other communities could follow through:  


  • Enhancing crime prevention through Sport, Arts, Culture and recreation  
  • Ensuring the safety of children within recreational facilities daily
  • Increasing mass participation in Sport ,Arts, Culture, Indigenous game
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles amongst children, youth and the community at large
  • Popularising marginalized indoor & outdoor sporting and recreations code activities
  • Exposing children to various career opportunities (through Fight with Insight)
  • Creating employment